Reasons for Zumoe Retainer Cases

There is a great article for parents regarding how to hang onto a retainer or a mouth guard.

Check it out.

The 4 tips are 1. have the retainer be a bright color, 2. label the retainer, 3. keep it in the same spot, and 4. discuss the replacement cost of a new retainer.

Zumoe designer retainer cases fit the bill. The cases are fun, colorful and kids will never want to lose them. The ID tag allows for a name and the carabiner will attach the case to a bag, etc. The new limited edition retainer cases are perfect for the bathroom counter or bedroom bureau. The Zumoe retainer case is also used for mouthguards and can be attached to the gym bag or knapsack. These cases also can store coins, jewelry or any other small items. They are great for a small gift.

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