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Zumoe mouthguard case uses

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Zumoe's designer mouthguard and retainer cases are used by athlete's for their mouth guards or retainers. However Zumoe's cases can store many other items; mothers love the cases to store pacifiers, kids love to store jewelry, money, candy or other items and attach the cases to their knapsacks or lunch boxes. These cute designs fit perfectly in a bedroom or bathroom, replacing the drab retainer case from the dentist or orthodontist. Zumoe cases are also great gifts. 

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Lax World Carries New Snap Pak Mouthguard Cases

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Lax World is now carrying the new Snap Pak Cute Mouth Guard Case designs in their 10 stores throughout Maryland, Virginia and Colorado. Under new owners, Lax World wants to expand and capitalize on the exploding interest in Lacrosse. Girls and Boys lacrosse players can use these so they will never lose their mouth guards.

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