About Us

Meet the Nowaks. Jim, Maureen, Derek, Heather, Brett and Zuzu. With our 3 children playing hockey, lacrosse, and soccer, we were always at rinks or fields and mouth guards were part of everyone's equipment. But finding those mouth guards was always an issue, where were those cases, usually at the bottom of the bag or lost! Out of this never ending problem of "where were the mouth guards?" came the idea for Zumoe Mouth Guard cases and Retainer Cases.


Zumoe is a design firm bringing fashion to ordinary plastic containers. Maureen Nowak and James Nowak are the founders of Zumoe, Maureen the idea gal and James the organizational gent.   

Winks for You is Zumoe's first product, embellished contact lens cases, 36 designs in a rainbow of colors. Finally on the market is a contact lens case that you can leave in your bathroom, vanity or purse that is fun to own.

Snap Paks for you is Zumoe's second product, mouthguard cases clip to an athlete's bag for easy access and with an ID tag. Finally a mouthguard case that kids can enjoy owning.  New designs from Zumoes are always coming ...... so check back. Send us your comments, love to hear from you.

You can contact us at zumoe1@gmail.com.



505 Eagle Creek Drive

Naples, Florida 34113